3D Technology-Intelligent Inspection Technology Equipment

3D Technology-Intelligent Inspection Technology Equipment


INSUN 3D AOI can accurately inspect and measure the height dimension of devices on the PCB and provide the clear side-view images of ICs and various devices. And this is not visible with just a top-down camera. 
INSUN 3D AOI inspects QFNs,  connectors etc, and enables the detection of the most difficult defects, such as lifted leads, tombstones, reverses, and height variations.

INSUN 3D AOI systems also use some of its 2D AOI system factor,  using 2D capabilities for inspectiong markings on the top of the PCB, such as optical character recognition(OCR) and optical character verification(OCV) capabilities etc.


INSUN 3D AOI features-Intelligent Inspection Technology Equipment

1.the motion platform adopts linear motor structure, high speed, no vibration, no noise. with high precision grating ruler, to form a completely closed loop motion feedback system.

2.Imported 12M pixel industrial camera, telecentric lens, to achieve high speed shooting inspection.RGB 3-color light source which is independent research, can achieve 3D/2D true color display, the effect is very close to the actual color.

3.Using GPU large scale parallel technology, to improve the measurement and inpection speed greatly.to meet the high cycle time required.

4.Based on white Moire fringe PMP technology, to achieve high-precision detection as 0.37um hight resolution and 1um accuracy level.

5. Phase modulated profilometry (PMP) is based on the sinusoidal motion projection of structured grating. Discrete phase-shifting is used to obtain multiple images of illuminated object light field. Then phase distribution is calculated by multi-step phase-shifting method. Finally, high-precision measurement results of object shape and volume are obtained by triangulation method. True color three-dimensional image display.

6.Supporting RS274-D, RS274-X format gerber files and GAD files, supporting DXF format. Parts information is automatically created after importing files.
Programming can be completed by setting detection parameters.