INSUN Intelligent participated in the 2019CMM China Electronics Manufacturing Automation and Resource Exhibition successfully concluded

INSUN Intelligent participated in the 2019CMM China Electronics Manufacturing Automation and Resource Exhibition successfully concluded

2019CMM China Electronics Manufacturing Automation & Resources Exhibition (formerly China Mobile Phone Manufacturing Technology·Automation Exhibition) was held in Guangdong Modern International Exhibition Center, Houjie, Dongguan from May 16th to 18th. The exhibition fully demonstrated the automation and manufacturing in the manufacturing process. Environment, quality technology, fixtures, process materials, intelligent warehousing, information technology and other resources, for the industry to share a large number of information technology resources and equipment resources.

The exhibition not only held a variety of forums, Huizhou Intelligent Terminal Association also invited the industry to hold roundtable meetings, some of the industry's senior management leaders from the long-term cooperation of Yingshang, the round table on the status quo of China's manufacturing automation and intelligence Analysis and sharing of valuable information on the overseas development strategy of the manufacturing industry.




Yingshang Intelligent is committed to SMT industrial intelligent whole line solution. This exhibition takes the following main products of the company to participate in the exhibition:
The YS-810TB can be simultaneously tested on the component side and the soldered surface (two sets of visual inspection systems above and below, which saves the space and improves the detection efficiency);
Intelligent solution for wave soldering YS-810B+LRS (lower inspection machine and laser guided rework station): The two machines share the integrated software, and the laser guide for the detected bad pad is repaired;
Yingshang's famous star product YS-S7100 (3D solder paster inspection machine, as well as laser engraving machine and dispenser. The specific equipment and features are as follows:

Automatic optical inspection equipment AOI (upper and lower common inspection)
Model: YS-A810TB
Highlights: mature and perfect software and hardware systems, comprehensive visual inspection technology solutions. Two camera systems are placed above and below the track to address the need for double-sided inspection and increase inspection throughput.

Automatic optical inspection equipment AOI (under inspection)
Model: YS-A810B
Highlights: mature and perfect software and hardware system, comprehensive visual inspection technology solution; camera placed under the track, the inspection of DIP segment production is more efficient and accurate.
Laser guided rework station
Model: YS-LRS
Highlights: Connected to the AOI equipment, the defective parts are accurately and quickly guided by the laser, which facilitates the efficient rework of the station and effectively eliminates the leakage.


3D color SPI solder paste testing equipment
Model: YS-S7100
Highlights: Dual digital projection grating structure, with true color map and analog map function, can detect solder paste and red glue process, programming is fast, can be connected with the printing machine into a production feedback system.

Automatic laser engraving system (dual track engraving)
Model: YS-L8100D
Highlights: powerful software functions, the company's self-developed engraving software, easy to learn, core components using imported advanced laser generator; system can identify reverse and wrong board, dual-track configuration can double the company's production capacity, meet high-speed output rate need.

High speed dispenser
Model: YS-D5800
Highlights: Mature dispensing technology and control software, piezoelectric ceramic spray valve glue amount is even.


Yingshang intelligent main equipment inspection AOI, wave soldering inspection AOI + laser rework station combination, 3D color SPI and other equipment features to attract many customers and industry people to come to consult, our sales elite team on-site to explain the details of equipment technology and consulting customers Equipment advantages:



Wisdom is unlimited, technology is far-reaching. "Made in China 2025" blew the horn of China's manufacturing industry to upgrade to "smart manufacturing". Zhang Yongfeng, the sales director of Yingshang Company, accepted an interview with the CMM organizer at the exhibition and replied to the organizer on the status quo and promotion suggestions of China's smart factory. Series of questions. Director Zhang proposed that automation, intelligence and informationization are the necessary modes for the transformation and development of modern enterprise factories. Enterprises need to determine the automation plan suitable for the five-year development goals according to their own development strategies. Yingshang Intelligent also has international service and support capabilities. For some new factories established in Southeast Asia and other overseas markets, Yingshang also has rich project experience and service support capabilities to help these companies' overseas development planning.

The three-day exhibition also worked hard for the small partners we participated in, but the boys were still full of energy and enthusiasm, and there was no burnout. At the end of the exhibition, the friends finally have time to show their faces:



Time flies, the three-day 2019CMM exhibition has ended, but the talents of Yingshang friends and industry friends are still constantly upgrading. From August 28th to 30th, 2019, let us meet again in Shenzhen 2019. The 5th South China International Electronic Production Equipment and Microelectronics Industry Exhibition, Yingshang Intelligent is looking forward to your visit at NEPCON!