INSUN | The 5th China Electronics Manufacturing Automation & Resources Exhibition

INSUN | The 5th China Electronics Manufacturing Automation & Resources Exhibition

INSUN | The 5th China Electronics Manufacturing Automation & Resources Exhibition

In May, many areas in the north are still bathed in the cool spring breeze, the high temperature in southern China has been enthusiastic blooming, such as the development of electronics manufacturing. 2021 The 5th China Electronic Manufacturing Automation and Resource Show (CMM Exhibition) will be held in Dongguan from May 18 to 20, 2021. Guangdong Modern International Exhibition Center Hall 3 was held in a grand ceremony. CMM Exhibition as China's only electronic manufacturing plant jointly launched the exhibition, this is the fifth time, CMM exhibits cover the electronic manufacturing process, one-stop display of electronic manufacturing resources in the field;


Shenzhen INSUN Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd. is a professional commitment to high-end intelligent 3D detection technology (AOI, SPI), semiconductor detection technology, laser intelligent application technology, industrial robot integration technology research and development manufacturing and sales of precision intelligent high-tech enterprises, the company mainly for high-end electronics manufacturing industry to provide research and development, production, sales, after-sales service as one of the full range of industrial automation line whole plant solutions and engineering services.

The company has four product lines, visual optical testing equipment AOI, 3D tin paste testing equipment SPI, laser engraving machine and semiconductor fine line detection.

AOI product line currently has suitable for electronic manufacturing plants a variety of process scenarios of the application models, standard single-track inspection A6500, plus large A6500L, single-track inspection A810B, up and down double-check A810TB, dual-track single-head A6500D, as well as suitable for DIP segment error leakage S1 models, as well as offline AOI-A5500 and so on.

The SPI product line includes the standard S7100, plus large S7100L, the two-track S7100D, and custom-made high-profile.

Laser engraving machine has a variety of applications suitable for offline and online solutions, optional dual-track and flip structure.

INSUN intelligent exhibiting products once again with stable performance, excellent performance led to the industry to stop in-depth exchanges, understand and discuss intelligent solutions for electronic manufacturing, let us once again see the scene of exciting exchanges.



    Three days of CMM exhibition, small partners have worked hard! 2021 China's electronics industry after the baptism of the outbreak happy to meet the big development of the year, the company's technical and production supply team in the rear to protect supply, market sales of small partners in the front to lead, in order to promote the intelligent transformation of electronic manufacturing plants and efforts!