INSUN | China Electronic Manufacturing Automation and Resources Exhibition

INSUN | China Electronic Manufacturing Automation and Resources Exhibition

INSUN Smart's 4th China Electronic Manufacturing Automation and Resources Exhibition was successfully concluded


The 4th China Electronic Manufacturing Automation and Resource Show (CMM) 2020 will be held in Dongguan from July 9 to 11, 2020. Guangdong Modern International Exhibition Center Hall 3 has come to an end. CMM exhibition as China's only electronic manufacturing plant jointly launched by the exhibition, this is the fourth time held, the exhibition from epidemic prevention preparation, to exhibitors brand image display and professional audience invitation and industry seminar dinner organization, more and more favored by the industry and praise!

CMM exhibition for the second time after the 2020 outbreak of Anshan Smart to participate in the exhibition, the company with a newly upgraded brand booth image, high-quality advanced equipment, complete solutions and professional rigorous technical team, attracting many industry experts and audiences to stop to discuss. Exhibition three days, from the old customer's return visit, new customer's consultation to the core issues of industry friends to discuss, the company's small partners are full of harvest. Let's take another look at the event:


Insang smart best-selling model YS-A810TB (up and down lens simultaneous detection AOI), and laser guide repair station combination application, for new and old customers and industry audiences to re-interpret the component surface and crest welding surface at the same time detection and guidance repair of efficient solutions. 3D color tin paste detection equipment SPI, CO2 laser engraving machine YS-L8000, high-speed dispensing machine, etc. , many viewers have consulted to discuss the professional issues of visual inspection:



Thanks to BYD as the representative of the electronic manufacturing plant professional exhibitors to communicate and guide, I believe this fate will bring more confidence and strength to Chinese manufacturing, to INSUN intelligent representative of The Chinese smart device manufacturers to promote the progress of the industry to bring more opportunities and strength for industrial improvement!


2020 is a year of challenges and opportunities flying together, through this new crown epidemic, our brands and small partners will become stronger, automation exhibition has been successfully concluded, but our progress will not stop, August 6-8, 2020 Shenzhen International Intelligent Equipment Industry Expo, Fu Yong International Convention and Exhibition Center, as well as August 26-28 Asian Production Equipment and Electronics Industry Exhibition, Shenzhen Convention and Exhibition Center, let us not be scattered again!


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