INSUN | 2021 Munich Shanghai electronic production equipment exhibition

INSUN | 2021 Munich Shanghai electronic production equipment exhibition

INSUN Smart | 2021 Munich Shanghai Electronic Production Equipment Exhibition opens a new chapter

March Shanghai, a few days in a row of drizzle, did not affect the come to the demons are to participate in Munich Shanghai Electronic Production Equipment Exhibition exhibitors and audience enthusiasm. From March 17th to 19th, the three-day Munich Exhibition was successfully held at the Shanghai New International Expo Center. Exhibition site crowd, exhibitors and audience face-to-face warm conversation, although across the mask, but can feel everyone's confidence in China's economic growth and intelligent manufacturing development, the atmosphere is high, as if into the electronic intelligent manufacturing industry is full of vitality and complex spring day!

Increase investment in research and development, upgrade bright products

       INSUN Intelligent in 2017 began to set up volume-to-volume semiconductor detection/cutting projects, to date, volume-to-volume projects in East and South China and other regions to establish benchmark customers and success stories. In short, the representative product is divided into three sets, the starter and intermediate processing machine and the receiver, the current case application in the PM membrane fine line cutting processing, for customer demand based on the standard product module foundation to do secondary development. Many customers at the exhibition on its own processing needs and the British Shang site personnel conducted in-depth communication and exchanges.

SMT high-end vision inspection equipment AOI, SPI

--Visual inspection technical experts around you

Since its inception, INSUN Intelligent has been committed to SMT high-end vision inspection technology, a variety of AOI models to meet customer site different production scenes and specifications. The exhibition A6700 (high with 2000W) suitable for higher precision and higher speed test requirements; Up and down double-sided detection AOI, for many EMS manufacturing production line terminal comprehensive testing provides a core technical solution, to solve the product packaging before the component face / peak welding surface simultaneous detection of intelligent solutions. INSUN dual-track SPI is an optional option for the overall improvement of production capacity for the post-printing tin paste testing scheme used in most recent production plants.


Introduction to the highlights of --- INSUN's exhibiting equipment---


High-precision semiconductor roll-to-roll transceiver (Roll To Roll)

Highlights: Built-in 10,000-level FFO, used in semiconductor film processing process. Hair section: built-in film platform, by the main film reel, guide membrane reel, tear back film reel composition. Collection segment: composed of the main film shaft, the back film reel, integrated automatic correction system (correction accuracy 0.1mm), tension control system (0-10kg)


Automatic optical inspection equipment AOI (high matching type)


Highlights: high-speed industrial camera with 2000W phase-sumin, 12UM resolution, high-distribution control console, to deal with 01005 and smaller components detection requirements; More than 30 kinds of excellent vector algorithms to achieve the best detection results; Intelligent programming, easy to learn; Offline programming and remote debugging functions; Can achieve one-person multi-machine production line centralized control management, real into remote monitoring.


Two-track SPI tin paste inspection equipment


Highlights: Dual digital projection grating structure, with true color map and analog map function, can detect tin paste and red glue process, programming fast, can be connected with the printing press and other production feedback system, dual-track configuration, with the printing press, reflux welding and other docking, double the production capacity.


Automatic optical inspection equipment AOI (up and down co-inspection)


Highlights: mature and perfect hardware and software system, comprehensive visual inspection technology program, two sets of camera systems are placed above and below the track, to solve the needs of double-sided detection, improve detection capacity.


Laser guide repair station


Highlights: connected with AOI equipment, the undesirable parts with laser accurate high-speed guidance, convenient station efficient repair operation, effectively put an end to error leakage outflow.


Automatic laser engraving system


Highlights: powerful software features, the company's independent research and development of engraving software, easy to learn, core components using imported advanced laser generator; Depending on the material ofthe product optional CO₂, UV UV, FIBER fiber different laser generators.



2021 A new chapter, Yang Fan set sail again

Shanghai Munich exhibition opened the 2021 manufacturing industry exhibition, the beginning of the British still intelligent reserves, although the cause of the outbreak, the overall performance in 2020 is still a larger increase than in 2019. At present, 2021 has more tasks for our sales elite and research and development supply chain partners to complete, 2021 hand in hand, sail again, let us look forward to April Shanghai NEPCON and August at the door of Shenzhen Munich to meet again!

INSUN | 2021 Munich Shanghai electronic production equipment exhibition