INSUN Intelligent participated in the Munich Shanghai Electronic Production Equipment Exhibition

INSUN Intelligent participated in the Munich Shanghai Electronic Production Equipment Exhibition

In the early spring of March, Shanghai was warm and cold. The three-day production of Productronica China brought a different kind of popularity and lively scene to the city of Shanghai. This year's Productronica China attracted 1,586 exhibitors from 24 countries and regions, and demonstrated innovative solutions for electronics manufacturing to 92,695 people in the 90,000-square-meter pavilion. The popularity of the exhibition made people in the place feel the development of the electronics manufacturing industry under the drive of technological innovation and intelligent manufacturing upgrades. Yingshang Intelligent's E2 Pavilion Smart Factory Theme Zone 2630 booth attracted many domestic and overseas audiences to stop and communicate.

The company carries the latest research and development of 3D AOI results and company features: 3D color solder paste inspection equipment (SPI), intelligent monorail with flying AOI(automatic optical measuring equipment) function, intelligent AOI (DIP segment) and laser guided rework station, dual-track laser engraving machine, Projects such as online high-speed dispensers were presented at the show. Among them, 3D SPI and AOI, the unique functions of dual-track laser engraving, attracted a lot of in-house communication and discussion. Let's take a look at the live event at the show and the hot scene of the Yingshang booth.

The above picture shows the grand event of the Shanghai Munich exhibition. Please follow the small series and then shift your eyes to the 2630 Yingshang booth of the E2 exhibition hall to experience the enthusiastic attention of Yingshang intelligent products and the enthusiastic explanation of the market sales staff.

Industry professionals from overseas are also familiar with the equipment advantages of 3D SPI and AOI and discuss cooperation matters.


Take a group photo of Yingshang team at the Shanghai Electronics Manufacturing Equipment Exhibition in Munich


The scene of the exhibition is still unfinished, and the Munich Electronics Fair in Munich has come to a successful conclusion. If you don't have time to go to the exhibition site, it doesn't matter, just follow the Xiaobian to learn more about the company and products. You are welcome to visit Yingshang Smart Factory. Our Shenzhen headquarters, Dongguan office and Suzhou office are waiting for you.


【Company Profile】

Shenzhen Yingshang Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd. is a professional intelligent electronic equipment dedicated to the research and development and sales of high-end intelligent 3D inspection technology (AOI, SPI), semiconductor detection technology, laser intelligent application technology, high-speed dispenser, industrial robot integration technology. the company. The company is located in Fuhai Street, Bao'an District, Shenzhen. It mainly provides comprehensive, multi-variety industrial automation complete line solution and engineering services integrating R&D, production, sales and after-sales service for consumer electronics and automobile industries. The main technologies are: automatic optical inspection for semiconductor chip packaging, COF carrier tape fine lines, integrated circuit surface printing and placement, high-precision laser laser engraving and cutting applications.

The company has about 10,000 square meters of R&D and office and production areas. Since the establishment of the company, it has continuously introduced new technologies and new equipments, strives to improve its own R&D and innovation strength, and provides industrial intelligent total solutions for customers, with strong technical strength. With the favor of nearly a thousand large and medium-sized enterprises, it has become a trusted intelligent equipment service provider for domestic and foreign enterprises.


The main equipment and highlights of this Shanghai Munich exhibition are as follows:

3D color AOI testing equipment
Model: YS-A8500
Highlights: equipped with four digital light, mature and perfect software and hardware system, comprehensive visual inspection technology program, software integration of the best detection algorithms at home and abroad, complete functions, simple and fast operation, high detection accuracy.



3D color SPI solder paste testing equipment
Model: YS-S7100
Highlights: Dual digital projection grating structure; with true color map and analog map function, can detect solder paste and red glue process; fast programming, can be connected with printing machine to produce feedback system.


Automatic optical inspection equipment AOI (monorail flying)
Model: YS-A6600
Highlights: The software integrates the best detection algorithms at home and abroad, with complete functions, simple and fast operation, high detection accuracy; the flying beat function has high-speed capture to meet the needs of high CT.



Automatic optical inspection equipment AOI (under inspection)
Model: YS-A810B
Highlights: Mature software and hardware systems, comprehensive visual inspection technology solutions. The camera is placed under the track and the inspection for DIP segment production is more efficient and accurate.



Laser guided rework station
Model: YS-LRS
Highlights: Connected to the AOI equipment, the defective parts are accurately and quickly guided by the laser, which facilitates the efficient rework of the station and effectively eliminates the leakage.



Automatic laser engraving system
Model: YS-8100
Highlights: Powerful software features, the company's self-developed engraving software, easy to learn. The core components are imported advanced laser generators. The system recognizes reverse and wrong boards.
The dual-track configuration boosts double-capacity capacity to meet high-speed output rates.



High-speed dispenser (increase)
Model: YS-D5800L
Highlights: Mature dispensing technology and control software, piezoelectric ceramic spray valve glue amount is even. The enlarged version meets the production needs of various industries such as communication and automobiles.