Shanghai NEPCON China2019 SMT production line display

Shanghai NEPCON China2019 SMT production line display

China International Electronic Production Equipment and Microelectronics Industry Exhibition (NEPCON China 2019), which is leading the domestic electronics manufacturing industry, opened at the Shanghai World Expo Exhibition Hall from April 24th to 26th, 2019. As an annual international event for the smart manufacturing industry, NEPCON China2019 advanced technology and technology, 5G, automotive testing, intelligent intelligence and other popular areas highlights, a variety of new image fancy eye-catching.


As a benchmark for the development of electronic manufacturing industry, SMT surface mount technology is driving higher precision and density with the increasing miniaturization and multi-functionality of electronic products, the explosive growth of microelectronic products and 5G industry. The ever-changing Chinese smart device brand is also rising, and it has become the choice of more and more growth companies in the comprehensive cost performance and certain specific areas to catch up with the foreign big coffee brands.

Yingshang Intelligent is committed to SMT industrial intelligent whole line solution. This exhibition took the company's star product 3D color SPI and large-scale flying AOI to participate in the “China Zhizhuang” SMT production line display, and join other Chinese smart equipment brands in the 2R50 exhibition area. Show the audience a one-stop integrated solution for SMT production and processing, from the board machine - solder paste printing machine - SPI inspection (INSUN) - placement machine - reflow - flying AOI inspection (INSUN) - ICT detection - lower board machine Etc., attracted many industry people and overseas customers to come to consult, fully demonstrating the development of China's intelligent manufacturing strength and domestic brand image.


[SMT Connection Display Equipment Introduction]

3D color SPI solder paste testing equipment-automated part inspection systems
Model: YS-S7100
Highlights: dual digital projection grating structure;
With true color map and simulation map function,
Detectable solder paste and red glue process;
Fast programming, can be connected to the printing machine and other production feedback system;
Increased models can meet the product size requirements of communication, medical, LED and other industries

Large automatic optical inspection equipment AOI (monorail flying)
Model: YS-A6600L
Highlights: The software integrates the best detection algorithms at home and abroad, with complete functions, simple and fast operation, and high detection accuracy;
The flying feature features high-speed capture for high CT needs. Increased models can meet the product size requirements of communication, medical, LED and other industries


The three-day exhibition ended, but Yingshang's China Smart Manufacturing has never stopped fighting. The industry is welcome to continue to pay attention to Yingshang related product information and visit factory guidance.