INSUN Intelligent participated in Chongqing Electronic Intelligent Manufacturing Exhibition to help the development of western industry upgrade

INSUN Intelligent participated in Chongqing Electronic Intelligent Manufacturing Exhibition to help the development of western industry upgrade

The most beautiful day in April, everything is reviving and full of vitality. “The 2nd China (Chongqing) Electronic Intelligent Manufacturing and Industrial Expo” was held from April 11th to 12th at the S1 Pavilion of Chongqing Guobo Center. As the core of the new round of industrial revolution, the new generation of intelligent manufacturing technology has triggered major and profound changes in the development concept and manufacturing model of electronic manufacturing industry, and is also reshaping its development path, technical system and industrial ecology. The opening of Chongqing Electronic Intelligent Manufacturing Exhibition reflects the extensive application of “Digital Workshop” and “Industrial Interconnect Platform” in the entire electronics manufacturing industry, which has greatly promoted the development of electronic industry and industrial upgrading in Southwest China.

INSUN Intelligent is the smart management of SMT high-end intelligent visual inspection equipment, intelligent manufacturing equipment S1 booth B14 booth, with the company's latest research and development of 3D AOI results and company features: 3D color solder paste inspection equipment (SPI), automatic optical inspection equipment AOI (automatic optical measuring equipment)The project (high-speed flying type) and laser engraving machine (with flap function) appeared at the exhibition site. The company is committed to industrial intelligent whole line solutions. With strong technical industry, it has been favored by nearly 1,000 large and medium-sized enterprises. , has become a professional SMT program service partner trusted by domestic and foreign companies.



Innovation and service are endless. Yingshang Intelligent adheres to the customer-centered and striver-oriented business philosophy. It always pays attention to the deep communication and communication with customers and industry professionals, and promotes the upgrading and development of the electronic intelligent manufacturing industry in the western part of the motherland.


[Exhibition equipment highlights]


3D color SPI solder paste inspection equipment
Model: SPI YS-S7100
Highlights: dual digital projection grating structure;
With true color map and analog map function;
Detectable solder paste and red glue process;
Fast programming, can be connected to the printing machine, etc. into a production feedback system



Automatic optical inspection equipment AOI (upper and lower common inspection)
Model: AOI YS-A810TB
Highlights: mature and perfect software and hardware systems, comprehensive visual inspection technology solutions.
Two camera systems are placed above and below the track to address the need for double-sided inspection and increase inspection throughput.


Automatic laser engraving system
Model: YS- L8200
Highlights: Powerful software features, the company's self-developed engraving software, easy to learn. The core components are imported advanced laser generators (L8200 is the ultraviolet laser generator). The system recognizes reverse and wrong boards.


Color AOI testing equipment
Model: YS-A8500
Highlights: equipped with four digital light, mature and perfect software and hardware system, comprehensive visual inspection technology program, software integration of the best detection algorithms at home and abroad, complete functions, simple and fast operation, high detection accuracy;