Automatic Optical Inspection (AOI) system for PCB manufacturing

Automatic Optical Inspection (AOI) system for PCB manufacturing

The automated optical inspection (AOI) system performs a visual inspection of the printed circuit board during the manufacturing process, and uses a camera to perform a very fine scan of the printed circuit board to check for any defects or malfunctions. AOI is the integration of optical, mechanical, electronic control and software, which can replace the human eye.

In the real world, PCBs are getting smaller and more complex. Even relatively simple boards can be composed of thousands of welded components. Using AOI to monitor the quality of PCBs and correct them in the process flow is the key to success in today's competitive PCB production environment.

System specification
Due to technological advancements, automatic optical inspection systems can now detect defects with very few faults very accurately. Insun A8500 motherboard provides a powerful computing solution to meet customer needs.INSUN 3D AOI systems also use some of its 2D AOI system factor,  using 2D capabilities for inspectiong markings on the top of the PCB, such as optical character recognition(OCR) and optical character verification(OCV) capabilities etc.

The benefits of AOI are obvious when comparing the speed, efficiency, and flexibility of other testing and inspection methods. Using a powerful GPU card is the key to speeding up the inspection process.INSUN 3D AOI systems A8500 based on white Moire fringe PMP technology, to achieve high-precision detection as 0.37um hight resolution and 1um accuracy level.Supporting RS274-D, RS274-X format gerber files and GAD files, supporting DXF format. Parts information is automatically created after importing files.

System Requirements
AOI systems are commonly used in the production of various products, but are particularly important for monitoring defects on printed circuit boards and accurate measurement beyond the ability of manual inspectors. They are capable of detecting various surface characteristic defects such as nodules, scratches, stains, open circuits and thinning of welded joints. However, the development of the AOI system for PCB is different from the AOI general system. In order to provide more real co-planar inspection functions and volume inspection data, the AOI system needs to use different types of cards to connect to devices such as robots and CCD cameras.

Why choose Insun
Investing in AOI systems means less waste, lower production costs and the highest output. Insun server motherboard can not only provide the necessary power for AOI system, but also work in the temperature range of 0 ~ 40 ° C. We believe that our server motherboards and industrial computer cases will meet the current and future needs of AOI customers.